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At the Credit Repair Goat, we have adopted a Pay Per Deletion Credit Repair System. This ensures that our clients are only charged if we get them results. After all, no one has money to waste!

Here is how we aim to help you improve your score in 3 steps:

Free Consultation

Step 1

We recognize that everyone’s Credit situation is not the same. So we began with a free consultation with one of our Certified Credit Repair Consultants. We like to get to know our clients from Day 1, establishing a great relationship. This consultation is usually brief and done over the phone. (In person by appointment only)

Step 2

Next, we do a Credit Audit. Credit Audit? This means our Consultant will review your credit reports from the three credit bureaus, and formulate a document showing you what is affecting your credit score negatively and positively, helping you to better understand why your score is in its current state. The specialist then develops a systematic plan, using professional legal tactics, which aim to help improve your bad score.

Step 3

Finally, with your permission, we began disputing these negative items in your credit report on your behalf. After these items vanish from your credit report, improving your score, then you get billed. No Results = No Charge. We charge only 15$ per deletion, per bureau! Unlike other companies who charge a different price for different items, our price stays the same regardless! But that’s not the only thing included. See below what other benefits you receive as a client of Credit Repair Goat! 

Pay Per Deletion: Pay Only For Results Credit Repair!

$ 15 pay per deletion, per bureau
  • $199.99 one time credit audit fee ( Billed after completion usually within 72 hours)
  • $1 Million Identity Fraud Insurance
  • Free Credit Reports
  • Free Score Tracker  
  • Free Score Builder™
  • Free Score Master®
  • Free Money Manager
  • Credit Monitoring Alerts
  • Transaction Monitoring Alerts
  • Unlimited Disputes
  • No Results, No Charge
Our Services

Sign up takes only minutes! You will have 24/7 access to your own secure client access portal, which allows you to see current updated status regarding your score and the work we are doing on your behalf. If you don’t understand pay per deletion or have a question, feel free to call, or email us. We will be happy to assist you.

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